Posh Closet

About Us

Who We Are: High Fashion Experts

Posh Closet is the brain child of brother-sister duo, Aaron and Orianne.

As the daughter of a 3rd generation jeweler, Orianne has been shadowing, training, and learning from her father and grandfather. She has a keen eye for fashion and design, and has used both her experience and talent to handpick each and every item on Posh Closet. Orianne is an alumni of the prestigious Gemological Institute of America where she specialized in jewelry design and gemstone education. She is eager to use her education, talent and passion at Posh Closet. In learning a love of the craft from her father, she has mastered the art of designing fine jewelry with a new, and fashionable flare. You will find some of Orianne’s most recent jewelry designs on the site.

Aaron has worked with some of the world’s top industry leaders in online luxury goods, and has used his expertise to launch Posh Closet. He has spent years creating and running various online luxury businesses. In doing so, Aaron has cultivated a strong passion for travelling the world in search of high-end goods. Aaron’s extensive network of relationships in the world of fashion and jewelry includes close ties with international second-hand dealers, jewelry manufacturers, and mine site holders. He also has an impressive and strong footing in the world of luxury watches. Aaron thus has found it necessary to use his knowledge and experience to combine jewelry and high-end brand names in a one- stop location: Posh Closet.

Our Values: Authenticity and Trust

At Posh Closet, we take great pride in being able to guarantee the authenticity and legitimacy of our items. Each and every item on our website is triple screened by a team of experts. We stake our reputation on the authenticity of every item and feel confident in doing so.

Our Motto: Luxury For All

We created Posh Closet because we knew we could deliver high quality fashion brands and fine jewelry at a fraction of the retail cost. We believe that with the right price, access to popular fashion brands, and unique jewelry, a posh closet is accessible to everyone.